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 Anjeanette Corbeil graduated with a Bachelor of Social Work through the University of Regina, SK in 1996. She earned her  Master of Social Work in 2015. Anjeanette is passionate about public speaking, laughter, self-care and workplace wellness. Anjeanette has been employed as a Forensic Clinical Social Worker with The Correctional Service of Canada for the past 19 years and counting. She introduced FISH to Corrections over 10 years ago and since then has facilitated over 85 workshops for her organization. In 2012, FISH Philosophy was recognized nationally as a best practice in The Correctional Service Of Canada.  Anjeanette is proud to call herself a certified FISH Philosophy Facilitator and feels lucky to have trained in Ontario under her mentor Deb Fawcett in 2009.

Anjeanette also works as a Clinical Case Coordinator for Veteran Affairs Canada and enjoys helping others improve their lives.  She has a successful part-time private practice in Saskatoon and recently began working in Fond du Lac Saskatchewan as a Crisis Support/Mental Health Counsellor. Her quick wit, humorous stories and love for FISH shines through in every workshop she facilitates. Anjeanette is excited to share the FISH! Journey with you and your team. Get ready for a workshop you will not stop talking about.

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 Anjeanette Corbeil